Progress report at Eight Weeks

On Thursday, A Body in the Sacristy will be eight weeks old. Those weeks since my first book launched into the ether have been interesting.

During the first two weeks Amazon sold one or two copies most days. The sales came from Canadian, American, British, and Australian websites. One sale on the American site originated in a foreign country that doesn’t generate the higher royalty. I wish I knew what country. The activity was addicting, and I couldn’t resist checking the websites two or three times a day.

Since then, I’ve only sold a few books online, and I’ve overcome the urge to check the sites so often. I can now stay away for three or four days without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Four reviewers on Amazon and Goodreads have offered interesting insights. The comments are quite encouraging, and none trashed it in their ratings. Maybe these positive reviews will generate a few more sales.

I’ve also sold a dozen paperbacks locally, mostly to members of writing groups I belong to, and my profits will soon reach triple digits. They’ll never get to four digits, but that’s not the point. I’m making enough money to cover my direct costs, and I’m sufficiently enthused to focus on revisions to the next novel in my Barrettsport Mysteries series. If I can keep my nose to the grindstone, Tilting at Windmills should be ready to launch in a few months, with several more books to follow.

And I have a very different story in the works. It’s a dystopic look at a near future world when climate change becomes more than just a nuisance for scientists to study ad nauseam and politicians to wax poetic about while doing nothing constructive. The book is tentatively titled The Souring Seas and I may eventually get it finished.

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