Colleagues Literary Creations

Several of my Evergreen Writers Group colleagues have recently produced self-published novels, and one has published the first three in a series of adult comic books. The novels are an eclectic mix of stories from different genres, and Paul Bourgeios’ comic books, well, they’re something entirely different, deep dives into the author’s psyche. Recently published novels include Wait and See, a mid-life romance, by Tom Robson; Silent Tears, an historical romance by Kat Smutz; Cathy MacKenzie‘s Wolves Don’t Knock, a psychological drama about recovery from extreme trauma; and A Body in the Sacristy, my soft-boiled mystery.

Randall Krzak, another indie author and a writing colleague on the Next Big Writer, an on-line writing workshop and community, highlighted A Body in the Sacristy on his website blog. This gave me the idea of showcasing novels recently published by members of the Evergreen Writers Group and other colleague’s new novels that come to my attention. Randy’s first novel, The Kurdish Connection, is available on Amazon. The sequel is eagerly anticipated, or might that be, anticipated with trepidation. It is, after all, a thriller that comments on current events.

I will focus on self-published books but won’t exclude ones published by any of the myriad of tiny publishers that help indie authors get their books published but leave most of the selling effort to the authors. Mentioning these books might help sell one or two extra copies. If it does, my efforts will have been vindicated.

In this first post, I’ll mention a comment an Amazon reviewer made about A Body in the Sacristy. John Matthews said, ‘Yes, there is a mystery too, but the mystery is intertwined with the social events and customs and relationships of the citizens of Barrettsport’. This targets the essence of my story, a mix of mystery and social commentary. But enough about my book. If you feel you really must read it, you can find it on Amazon, or buy it from me (if you can find me). Next time, I will present a recently published novel by one of my writing colleagues.

The cover photo for this series of blog posts shows books published by Evergreen Writers Group members in a grove of Bonsai trees ‘grown’ from scraps of spruce by yours truly.


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