Slow Progress

Progress has been slow with my various writing projects. During the two months after I published my first mystery novel, A Body in the Sacristy, sales were better than I expected. I got caught up in the process and let my other writing projects slide. Since then, sales have decreased to a trickle, and I’ve had a hard time getting back into the writing groove.

I now have two short stories ready for submission for August 31st deadlines and a third for an anthology well underway. It’s time to get back to my main task—three novels I’m trying to work on more or less simultaneously.

The first, Tilting at Windmills, the second book in my Barrettsport Mysteries series has been drafted and revised several times. I must thank reviewers in both the Evergreen Writing Group and the Next Big Writer for the input they’ve provided. I’m now in the process of doing a final revision trying to apply all the lessons I’ve learned from chapter reviews to the complete text. It’s a process that can drag on endlessly, but I need to get it done and the book out there in the next couple of months. I’ve used my working version of the cover page for this book as the featured image for this post.

The second is The Souring Seas, my climate change dystopia novel. I’ve been working on this one for years. It’s the novel I really want to write, and I need to get on with it before something changes in the real world of climate change science or politics. The last thing I need is a breakthrough in the science or an upheaval in the politics that destroys one of my book’s premises. I’ve recently generated a working version of a front cover. I thought it might help spur me on.

The third project is another story for my Barrettsport Mysteries series. It’s a first draft, doesn’t even have a tentative title, but I’ve finished a handful of chapters that have been reviewed by one or more of my faithful reviewing colleagues at the Next Big Writer. If for some completely unexpected and totally incomprehensible reason, the first stories from the Barrettsport Mysteries gain some traction, I’ll need another one to trot out.

So, that’s where I stand. I must develop some positive inertia on any or all of them.

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