‘Wolves Don’t Knock’ by Cathy MacKenzie

Hello, I’m back with a look at another novel written by one of my writing friends and colleagues. This one is Wolves Don’t Knock published two months ago by Evergreen Writers Group member Catherine A. MacKenzie.

Cathy describes Wolves Don’t Knock as a psychological drama/thriller, with elements of suspense, mystery, romance and family relationships. The novel follows a young woman’s recovery after she escapes from six years in the clutches of a psychopath. There are some elements of mystery and suspense, but it is has none of the hunts for the villain that are the typical elements of a mystery or thriller. The book is really a psychological drama about family relationships with elements of romance. How would there not be romance when the heroine is twenty-two years old.

Wolves Don’t Knock chronicles the struggles of a young woman abducted days after the birth of her illegitimate son. She escapes and begins along with her mother (she has psychological issues of her own), and her now six-year-old son, the long process of recovery. After an initial chapter that is really a prologue, the story describes her struggles during her first year of freedom, including that thriller element because her abductor in the form of the wolf in the title is always lurking.

As illustrated by the #Me Too phenomenon, the ongoing abuse of woman and children are important societal issues that are not going away any time soon. Wolves Don’t Knock describes the harm abuse can cause to a mother, her daughter, and the daughter’s child.

Wolves is Ms. MacKenzie’s first venture into novels. Previously she’d published numerous short stories and poems in magazines and anthologies. She’s also active as an editor, and she shepherded the Evergreen Writers Group’s two anthologies through the publication process. Her website has additional input on her projects. Wolves Don’t Knock is available on Amazon and well worth reading.

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