Paul Bourgeois and Tom Robson

Hi, I am back with another blog entry about publications by my writing colleagues. This time, I am looking at recent efforts by two of my colleagues in the Evergreen Writers Group. Their writing interests are very different, so this might be an odd, but I hope interesting, entry for my blog.

Paul Bourgeois has been an Evergreen Writing Group member for a few years. He contributed stories to our second anthology, Off Highway: Journeys of Nova Scotia Writers. I have a page on this website that talks about these anthologies. His main interest over the past year or more has been a series of adult comic books, An Epiphany at Midnight that chronicles his own decent into and recovery from nervous breakdown. They include visits from the devil and demons, nudity and an appearance of God.  Not my sort of thing, but if you are interested, you can visit his website.

Tom Robson’s route to publication has been more normal (at least, I say normal because it has been more similar to my own). He contributed to both the Evergreen Writers Group anthologies, and had previously produced a personal memoir entitled Written While I still Remember. It is available on Amazon for those interested in personal memoirs.

His more recent contribution to the world of self publication is Wait and See a midlife romance that brings together a Montrealer (I was born and spent most of my early years in Montreal) and a Haligonian (I’ve lived for more years than I wish to remember in Halifax). The central characters in this story deal with divorce and teenage children, and somehow manage to find time for a new, completely unexpected. romance. An interesting read, and definitely not a ‘Harlequin Romance’, at least not the kind I read many years ago.

Wait and See is available on Amazon .

For more about Tom and his writing efforts check out his website.






















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