More Publishing Puzzles

More Publishing Puzzles


I’m back lamenting my inability to understand my experiences with publication and promotion of A Body in the Sacristy, my first published novel.

In the past two weeks I’ve had a sudden flurry of activity, selling ebooks on Amazon and getting reads on Amazon’s Kimble Owners Lending Library. I can’t associate this success with activity on this site or anywhere else, so how do I explain it?

The second unexpected event was Amazon putting the paperback version of A Body in the Sacristy on sale on Now, and for some unknown time into the future, interested readers can buy it for 60% off the list price, but only on the US site. Amazon didn’t warn me of this activity, I learned about it by accident, so I had no opportunity to mention it and help generate sales. It just happened, and as far as I know, the sale could end at any time.

The third interesting development, and one I understand a little better, was advice I received from a book store operator (Carrefour Atlantique on the Halifax waterfront) where I have my book for sale. He suggested small, but hopefully significant changes to my cover. I tried to produce a cover that faithfully portrayed a realistic idea of the book’s content. He suggested changes that are designed to attract attention (and avoid putting off potential readers) without being misleading. I will incorporate his ideas before I print another huge twenty book run.

It’s all a great learning process that keeps me interested but will never make me any money. In the meantime, I plug away at book two in the Barrettsport Mysteries. If I’m lucky, I might get Tilting at Windmills out before Christmas.

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