Tilting at Windmills

Tilting at Windmills almost ready for publication

When I published A Body in the Sacristy, book 1 in the Barrettsport Mysteries series on Amazon and CreateSpace last April, I gave myself six months to get the second book in the series, Tilting at Windmills, ready for publication. I didn’t make it.

Seven months after publication of A Body in the Sacristy, the e-book version of Tilting at Windmills should finally be out in the next week. The paperback version may take a little longer because we no longer have CreateSpace to rely on. Hopefully, once I get used to the new process, Kindle Direct paperback publishing won’t be much more difficult than Kindle Direct e-book publishing.

It should not have taken me so long to complete revisions and final edits of Tilting at Windmills. Chapters of the first draft had been reviewed by many fellow authors on TheNextBigWriter online writing workshop and community several years ago. Five intrepid reviewers stuck with it from chapter one to thirty-six. These reviewers and colleagues from the Evergreen Writers Group here in Nova Scotia provided masses of invaluable input I incorporated in the current revision.

I can’t blame difficulty with the revisions for the extended delay getting this done. The problem was my fascination with the process of publishing A Body in the Sacristy. It was my first foray in self-publishing and I wasted valuable time worrying about trivial details.

The latest example is my ongoing fascination with the changing price for the paperback on Amazon.com. Its list price is $9.95. A month ago, I noticed it was on sale for something like five dollars. It’s now down to $2.26 (less than 25% of the list price) – a great bargain for US customers who qualify for free shipping. So, get out there and buy, buy, buy while the price remains so low.

Price remains at original list price on Amazon.ca, so no similar bargain north of the border. I wonder why this discrepancy exists.

Oh, well. Enough of this. One more read through the Tilting at Windmills manuscript looking for those last foolish errors, and then I’ll get it formatted for Kindle. May get it out in time for last minute Christmas shoppers.

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