‘Dinner with Mrs. Claus’ by Chiara De Giorgi

Welcome to The Spot Writers. This month’s prompt is to title the story “Dinner with Mrs. Claus.”


This week’s story comes from Chiara De Giorgi. Chiara dreams, reads, edits texts, translates, and occasionally writes in two languages. She also has a lot of fun.


Dinner with Mrs. Claus

by Chiara De Giorgi


Hello, and welcome! Please, come on in, help yourself to some mulled wine. Excuse me if I don’t sit with you, I still have some preparations to do.

You know, it’s just once a year that I have the family reunited under this old roof, and I want everything to be perfect. It’s a lot of work, of course it is, but I love this time of the year. The smell of roasted almonds and sugar; the sound of the wood crackling in the fireplace; the whole world outside, silenced by a thick blanket of snow; the balls of colored yarn, chased by the cat before I knit happy Christmas sweaters… They indulge me and they all wear theirs – I know they’re too funny to be fashionable, but it’s a sweet kind of fun, it tastes like tradition and love – it tastes like family.

Christmas is all about family, after all, isn’t it?

I love it when Mr. Claus returns from his trip and we all cheer, then we sit and have dinner together. We chat, we laugh, we exchange tales, small presents and hugs… now, that is Christmas!

Pinocchio always has lots of adventures to tell, honestly, that boy! He’s always up to something, and the three little pigs are constantly giving him ideas! And the girls! I swear they get prettier every year. Last Christmas Cinderella had dyed her hair blue and you couldn’t believe how lovely she looked! Prince Charming was stuck in the traffic, so Snow White borrowed the seven-league boots from Puss in Boots – he was already drunk, you see – and was there and back with the poor prince in a matter of minutes. Between the boots and my Christmas sweater, she looked a bit like a scarecrow, but adorable nonetheless.

Pass me those napkins, would you? I want everything to be perfect, although I know that nobody would mind if we ate cookie dough out of the bowl. Oh, the fun we have! It’s such a wonderful, festive time, it gives me such a boost! I swear it’s better than a pot of coffee, he he he. I cherish the memories for months, I wrap myself up in them as if in a warm blanket.

It will be good for you to be with us this year, you’ll see. Please, invite whomever you wish, from whatever realm: everybody is welcome. On Christmas night, you can be with your loved ones and keep them in your heart for as long as you want. Oh, don’t ask me how. You know how. It’s magic. It’s love. Aren’t those the same thing, in the end?


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