Struggling toward Armageddon

My effort to get my climate change saga finished is one of those frustrating tasks where the finish line seems to get farther and farther away. Perhaps I should be thankful given the unpalatable goal.

Right now I’m thinking about alternate covers as I ponder which way I should venture at a fork that’s appeared in my ‘road’. Thinking about book covers and the photo I could use is one of my favourite activities, so I was easily sidetracked at that fork I just mentioned.

Here is a photo that was offered to me by my friend and writing colleague Judi Risser. She has an interesting website that often features her photographs. It’s worth a look.


I’ve cropped her photo and tried adding book title and author etc.  Needs work but it may offer an alternative to the geeky one with a graph that I’ve been using as the feature photo for this category of posts. As you can see, I’m back to using the title, The Souring Seas, that I started with.




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