Building Relationships instead of Stuff

In my post last week about progress, or maybe more accurately lack of progress, along my Road to Environmental Armageddon, I pondered the motivation behind humanity’s insistence on crashing ahead with development without stopping to think about the environmental consequences. This drives the conflict in my story. A commenter, one of the few I’ve had on any of my posts, took my premise in a different direction, focusing on “building relationships instead of stuff”.

I’ve given this some thought in the intervening week. Relationship building doesn’t contribute to generating the conflict, but in each of the three parts of my saga, young couples develop relationships, and the resulting synergies help resolve the conflicts. So, building relationships is in my story as a positive force helping resolve the conflicts. Such mushy stuff!

Made some progress in my Quixotic quest in this past week. I’m now working on the first drafts of the final few chapters of Part 3. Then reviewing, rewriting, revising, editing… It could go on forever.

And I haven’t resolved the question of whether I’m writing three separate short novels or one massive three-part saga. Ah, well, needn’t worry about that until I get this draft finished.

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