Am I making progress?

It’s March 16, 2020 and six weeks since I last posted something on my major project, a novel in progress titled The Road to Environmental Armageddon. If you’ve been reading these blogs, you’ll know I’ve struggled with deciding whether to produce one long novel or three shorter interconnected ones. In the last few weeks I decided I was wasting my time worrying about this. I needed to focus on getting the story down on paper (actually on my computer) and worry about how I structure it later. I now have a complete draft. It is rather long (140000 words) and comprises three separate parts each following the exploits of a different generation of university students. This means I could easily separate it into three interconnected but reasonably separate short (45000 to 50000 word) novels. But there are interconnecting threads that tie the three parts together. The central characters in Part One (The Souring Seas) have minor roles in Part Two (An industrial Solution), and those from Parts One and Two in Part Three (Future Imperfect). Paragraphs about the story line in each part are in an earlier post.

My current draft needs revision and editing, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – or is that the headlight of the train coming toward me.

Here is a mock up for a book cover using a picture of an angry ocean that was graciously offered to me by my friend and colleague Judi Risser. The photo is in this post.

_DSC1296 3 copy 2

I like this less cluttered cover than my first one with a graph of changes in temperature and carbon dioxide with time because it gives me room to add my descriptive sentence -a precautionary tale about the hazards of climate change denial. I think it will be important to get that message up front on the cover.

Anyway, that’s where I stand on this never ending effort. Thought my few dedicated readers might be interested.

4 thoughts on “Am I making progress?

  1. I like this cover better, I think it could be iterated on once or twice more, I am not a graphic designer but do find it makes quite a difference in how a book is perceived (even though it should not matter one whit)

    Congratulations on the continued progress with your book! A timely theme.


    1. Thanks Mike, for your opinion. Some fussing definitely needed to improve it. My artistic skills are even worse than my limited literary one, but I know one or two people with talents in the artistic direction. I’ll have to hit them up for help once I’m allowed out and about again.

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