My life with the pandemic – so far

The near lockdown in our part of the world has meant my excursions from home have been limited to visits to the grocery store and one to the liquor store. The later may not sound like a necessity but my wife’s birthday is rapidly approaching and taking her out to dinner is not in the cards with all restaurants shut down, so a bottle of wine for birthday dinner at home qualified in my distorted view as a necessity.

On the writing front, the lack of outside activities and distractions has fed into my writing addiction – the need to edit, revise, edit, revise… without end. Because of some genetic problem, the trigger in my mind that truncates this process after a large number of iterations has failed – the loop goes on and on and on like the Energizer bunny.

In the past two weeks, I’ve made two complete passes through my 140,000-word manuscript for The Road to Environmental Armageddon, the first one targeting overly wordy dialogue, and the second, removing repetitious aspects of various scenes. Today, I’ll start an editing round to remedy all the grammatical errors I introduced during those revisions. As I said, the process goes on and on with no end in sight.

News reports say people are becoming increasingly bored with the enforced isolation. I have two great suggestions for them – my two published novels. Ebook versions of A Body in the Sacristy and Tilting at Windmills are available for instant download at Amazon. So, if you might envoy reading a soft-boiled mystery set on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, the link for A Body is here, and Tilting, here. Those accessing other Amazon sites can search the titles or the author, Alan Kemister; or locate the links on the my books page of this site.

The fact that I managed to publish these two books shows that my current malaise of endless revisions and editing isn’t genetic. Could it be a virus? Or just a psychological barrier that might be broached if I sold a single copy of one of my mysteries? Someone, please, buy a book! A charitable outlay of just a few dollars might rescue me from the dizzying loop I’m currently stuck in. You wouldn’t want me to end up like the guy in the song who was endlessly stuck riding the Boston subway. Or would you?

2 thoughts on “My life with the pandemic – so far

  1. Ok, I just sent you an email asking if all was well…. I can see here that you require something…. I hope this is it….: please stop editing and trust that your care for our world and your ability to share that through this novel is more than enough. Get on with it.


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