Progress with new book cover

Hello all, hope you are all coping with the restrictions imposed on our lives by the coronavirus responses in various jurisdictions. For me, the lack of outside activities has given me much time to focus on my latest book in progress – The Road to Environmental Armageddon.

Topic of the week is cover design. I’m happy with the photo, and currently looking at the colours for title, author, and one sentence statement about the book. Title might change but I will need to put title on front, and I like idea of including a sentence about the book, and I need the author name. So, I have three elements I can arrange in various ways with various fonts and colours.

Let’s start with colours. This is my first attempt.

RtEA cover 3

Here are a few more with different colours.

RtEA cover 2

RtEA cover 3

RtEA cover 4

RtEA cover 5

Help with deciding which colour (or colours) work best would be appreciated. Once that’s sorted out I can move on to fonts, positioning, etc.

10 thoughts on “Progress with new book cover

  1. 1 and 4 for me. 1 might look nice with semi-transparent black bar across bottom and/or top, behind the white title and author name, so they stand out a bit? Are you doing this in something like Photoshop where that would be easy to try out?


    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your thoughts. Number four was my original choice, but I posted the rest to see what readers would say.
      I don’t have photoshop. I rely on open source software to keep my costs down, but it means my manipulation ability is limited. White letters don’t show up as well as I’d like in these versions.

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      1. This is seen as the open-source alternative to Photoshop: in case you might find it handy. I usually have access to PS through work, or have found older copies on the Internet “for free”, but if I didn’t have Photoshop already I would probably go for Gimp, I think it has mostly the same capabilities, though the hornets might differ

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    1. I think that’s next. Go with the white one (at least for now) and see if I can make letters show up better by messing with fonts etc. Not too keen on bold because I think the narrower letters look better. What I need is some of those sparkly nanoparticles they put in laundry soap to make clothes look whiter than white. That would fit in with a major theme in part 2 of my book.
      There you go, teaser to entice you to want to read part 2.


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