Water’s Edge

This weeks post is about the latest anthology by members of the Evergreen Writers Group. Water’s Edge, a compilation of thirty-six short stories and poems by sixteen members of the EWG has just been published.


The theme for this anthology is poetry and prose celebrating Nova Scotia’s aquatic heritage. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot promote the book locally at this time, but it is available on Amazon. Here are the links for Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. You might find something interesting to read here while you’re trapped inside by the virus. Our other books, Out of the Mist: 22 Atlantic Canadian Ghost Stories, and Off Highway: Journeys of Nova Scotia Writers also have interesting stories.

I’m one of the authors with three stories in the compendium. My three are a mishmash. The first is a ghost story which I finished too late for inclusion in Out of the Mist. It features a ghost schooner, so fits well with the watery theme. The second is a historical fantasy about a silkie, and the third, a look into the future and the impacts of rising sea level on Nova Scotia. I like my silkie story best. This dude could be one of his descendants (the photo is by Anchor Lee, uploaded from unsplash.com).


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