More about colours and fonts

Two weeks ago when I posted something about possible covers, I received several responses, and I thank all who responded either as comments on this website or elsewhere. I was focused on colours for the lettering and offered versions with white, black, red and yellow lettering.

The white lettering was popular, but it stand very well on my cover photo.  I messed with the lettering trying to make it stand out more. Here is the best I came up with.

RtEA cover 6

I think the white letters are showing up better than on my first try, but I may need a more high powered program like the Gimp to make letters that really jump out.

I have another concern with white (or yellow) lettering. I think of those colours as pure, or hopeful, or optimistic, but this story is more about dashed hopes than fulfilled ones. Black, like in the feature image at the top of this posting might be a better choice. Black to me can signify despair, so close to dashed hopes. Maybe grey would be better. What colour should I use to indicate dashed hopes or despondency? I’m thinking black, grey, red would be better than white or yellow.

2 thoughts on “More about colours and fonts

  1. That might work. I think I need a better photomanipulation program – the Gimp? – to do that. Oh dear, that means loading theGimp on another computer. When I had it on an earlier computer (now dead and buried) I found it difficult to use.


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