Book sales

I read that online sales are up during the current pandemic. Not surprising with many physical stores closed and restrictions on individuals movements. It apparently includes increased sales of books on sites like Amazon.

The Evergreen Writing Group completed Water’s Edge, our third anthology of short stories and poems in March, bad timing because we couldn’t meet to plan or run book launches or other activities we used to market our two previous anthologies. But we crashed on (everyone wanted to see the book out there even if it had to be a more limited launch). We loaded it onto Amazon and started publicizing it via website postings (including on the Evergreen Writers Group site  and on this one) and Facebook near the beginning of this month.


We’ve sold a few books, mostly on so it may be word of mouth publicity rather than website and Facebook publicity, but hey, we’re trying to get it out there. The links are here for and

The Evergreen Writers Group’s older anthologies, Out of the Mist: 22 Atlantic Canadian Ghost Stories, and Off Highway: Journeys of Nova Scotia Writers haven’t seen a spike in sales, but there both listed on Amazon, and we can always hope.

Same for my two books, A Body in the Sacristy and Tilting at Windmills, two cozyish mysteries written using my Alan Kemister pen name. They’re set in an imaginary town on Nova Scotia’s South Shore that has a quirky bunch of citizens.



They had a bit of an increase in sales in the lead-up to last Christmas, but nothing in the new year. Not surprising, I’ve been doing nothing to promote them. Just in case someone’s interested, here are the links for A Body in the Sacristy on and, and Tilting at windmills on and

Finally a quick word on my latest project, The Road to Environmental Armageddon. I’m taking advantage of to stay at home and editing like crazy. I really need to get it done soon because the start date for the story is May 2021, and I need to finish it before then.


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