Another Week on the Unending Saga

Another Week on the Unending Saga

Hello all, nice bright, sunny morning in my part of the world, looks like we might see the mid teens by this afternoon.

I’m pushing along with The Road to Environmental Armageddon, refusing to get depressed by my inevitable self-doubts, and thinking about how to gain readership for this climate change saga when I publish it.

But first, I need to really commit to my manuscript. Right now, I’m looking for beta readers. I have two offers I’m proceeding with, but would like a few more. The manuscript I have ready for beta readers has two distinct parts, and I worry about the wisdom of that approach. So big question for readers is ‘Does the two-part story with two casts of characters work, or should I reformulate it focusing on the central characters in the second part?’.

While I wait for feedback, I’m thinking about marketing and the value of an email newsletter. Newsletters with giveaways seem to be popular, and I’ve started working on a prequel to my story (a novelette, or novella that I could give away as a come-on). The content for this prequel will depend on the final structure of the main story, and that will depend on response I get from the beta readers I’m still looking for.

So, bottom line is I am still looking for beta readers and waiting with extreme trepidation to hear what they have to say. In the meantime, I’ll work on my teaser prequel and the follow-up story(s) I have planned.

Any takers for a free manuscript? It’s an enchanting tale about humanity’s mad dash to destroy the planet – just what you need to take your mind off COVID 19! Send me an email ( and I’ll send you the manuscript. All I ask in return is a few paragraphs that address the question I raised above and/or any other thoughts that would help make the story appealing to readers.

Thank you.

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