I’ve made progress on my Armageddon project in the past few weeks combining recent feedback with older advice to craft a more apocalyptic ending to part three of my saga. It’s been a struggle, accepting that I really need to bring the story to dark and dramatic conclusion. My cast of characters has seen the potential for a dismal future but struggled to forestall or even avoid that unwelcome conclusion to this climate change saga. It’s hard to end with their ultimate failure, but now, after digesting all the advice, I see that as the inevitable ending. Well, maybe not quite the proverbial end of the world. I’m formulating another story where a new set of characters picks up the pieces many years in the future.

I’m also fighting for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic shut down all but essential services with competing demands on my time. Our garden refuses to accept the idea of a lockdown. It’s growing like crazy and I’m struggling to keep up with the usual springtime profusion of weeds. And this year it’s been difficult to find the transplants I usually buy to populate my vegetable garden. I’ve also tackled a twenty-year-old section of fence along the western edge of our little city lot that really needs replacing. If I leave it much longer it will turn into compost.

The yard’s now under control even if the veggie garden is a little less well-populated than usual, and the fence rebuild is almost complete. Time to get back to The Road to Environmental Armageddon and get those final chapters I want to add to part three completed. Once I get the feedback I’m waiting for from beta readers, I’ll make a final decision on how I put the saga together and get it published. Beta reader feedback I already have has forced me to reconsider some of the structure. And then there’s that follow-up story to work on. Will this saga ever end?

3 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. Great update! Missed you at the last two online Zoom Evergreen meetings. Hope to see you at our next face to face one in July!


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