It Shouldn’t all be about the BIG Project

It shouldn’t all be about the BIG project

For several years I’ve been so focused on my Environmental Armageddon project that I’ve neglected the other writing efforts that once occupied some or much of my time.

The only ones that have managed to struggle against the formidable foe of my 150,000-word The Road to Environmental Armageddon manuscript have been my contributions to the Evergreen Writers Group’s third anthology of short stories and a handful of micro-fiction submissions to 50 Word Stories. I’ve missed several opportunities to submit stories to promising looking calls and contests. I really must get back into the habit of keeping and eye out for those calls.

Being part of a group of authors kept us all involved in Water’s Edge: Prose and Poetry Celebrating Nova Scotia’s Aquatic Heritage, and we got it finished in February of this year, just when the coronavirus pandemic raised its ugly head.


Several authors were anxious to get the book out there, so we went ahead publishing paperback and ebook versions and posting them for sale on Amazon. Links are here, and We’re waiting for an easing of restrictions on gatherings before we organize book launches and readings. We’ve had some sales and authors who wanted copies to grace their bookshelves have their copies. Good start considering the circumstances, and things should pick up when libraries and other places are back to normal.

Sales of my two published mystery novels, A Body in the Sacristy and Tilting at Windmills are going nowhere (a few ebooks sold and a handful of reads on the Kindle library). Not surprising as I’ve made almost no effort to sell them in recent months. I really need to improve my efforts to make my books visible before I bite the bullet and put The Road to Environmental Armageddon out there. Would an email newsletter help? That might be my next step.

Finally, a brief update on that project. Reviews of individual chapters and the overall scope of the book are trickling in. I’m using them to make final improvements to the now drafted and edited three part story that covers the years 2021 to 2051. I’ve also drafted four chapters of a follow-up story that takes place several hundred years after the catastrophic conclusion of The Road… in 2051. So, I like the beast in “The Second Coming” am slouching towards the birth of my third and most ambitious novel. I need to get it finished before May 2021, the start date of part 1 (The Souring Seas) ceases to be in the future.

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