Getting back on The Road…

Getting back on The Road…

People who know book marketing better than I say email newsletters are important tools in online selling. According to these experts, email newsletters are better than websites for reaching out to readers. I remain skeptical of my ability to use this new (to me) tool to sell my books, but I’m investigating as I stumble toward self-publishing. So far, my impression is that an email newsletter needs weekly (or biweekly) input that includes news and giveaways targeted toward enticing potential readers to buy the author’s books. This may work best for authors focused on a series of books, or a lot of books, in a well-defined genre.

My less focused dabbling in writing may not fit this newsletter model very well. A website may be more suitable, but I may need a website structure that makes the book or books I’m currently pushing more prominent. So, a new theme for my website is something else I should investigate.

My current plan for this writing project is to start with The Souring Seas, a short novel that would be a prequel to the main story—The Road to Environmental Armageddon. I posted my attempt at book covers on this website a few weeks ago (link is here). I like the photo for The Souring Seas, but I have a problem with my one-sentence description of the story—A surprising scientific observation heralds global environmental chaos. Readers might think of heralds as a verb implying good news, so not consistent with chaos. A verb with a more negative connotation would be better—presages or portends come to mind—but they sound rather formal. A less formal synonym for portends would be preferable.

My foolishly optimistic timetable for getting these books finished is August for The Souring Seas and October for The Road to Environmental Armageddon. I’d have all winter to finish the follow-up post-Apocalyptic novel.

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