Broader Focus Showing Dividends?

Broader focus showing dividends?

In the past month or so, I’ve focused more on side projects than on The Road to Environmental Armageddon. I talked about this deviation from the straight and narrow in a posting on this blog on July 13th. Well, surprisingly, the effort already appears to be bearing fruit. Not monitory rewards, those are neither my goal or my expectation, just a little more exposure and a little recognition.

The first ‘fruit’ was a story published on July 31st in 50 Word Stories. They publish two stories each weekday, one at seven in the morning and the other at one in the afternoon. My story was the last one published in July.

I also had another inquiry about republishing one of my stories in an anthology and a story shortlisted in a contest on an online writing website. I joined a new critique group that focuses more on beta reading than chapter by chapter reviews and initiated contact with another site that publishes huge 100-word stories. If I dream up a good story for 50 Word Stories but just can’t squeeze it down to 50 words, maybe I can expand it to 100.

None of these are Earth-shattering, but I have had a small burst in hits on this website, so maybe my increased activity on the web is having a positive effect.

In the meantime, I plug away at The Souring Seas and The Road to Environmental Armageddon, and the Evergreen Writers Group continues to investigate how they can launch/promote Water’s Edge, their new anthology of short stories and poems celebrating Nova Scotia’s aquatic heritage.

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