Improved Website Structure?

Improved Website Structure?

I will soon have The Souring Seas, the prequel to The Road to Environmental Armageddon ready for publication. I’m going through the manuscript one more time, responding to the comments of one last reviewer and making final edits.

_DSC1296 3 copy 2-003

Before I reach the point where I offer it for sale, I need to rethink this website so it focuses on The Souring Seas and my earlier mystery novels – A Body in the Sacristy and Tilting at Windmills. Sometime in the next months, I’ll add The Road to Environmental Armageddon.

I like my current website structure because it gave me an opportunity to highlight my blog entries. I could sort them by their categories, and display the recent ones on the website’s main page. I think that worked when my purpose was chronicling the trials and tribulations of my journey into creative writing.

If I’m to use the site to help sell my old books, my soon-to-be-published current book, and my future books, I need to highlight them on the opening page, not in a page hidden in a menu. I may do this using my current website template, or by rebuilding the site using a different template. I suspect it will be the latter, a task I don’t look forward to. My skills in this area are limited, and I fear I’ll lose content that will be hard to resurrect. But I must try, and that will be my next task.

Wish me luck.

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