‘May Your Dreams Come True’ by Chiara De Giorgi

Welcome to The Spot Writers. This month’s prompt is to write a story where water plays a role. It can be a lake, a river, the sea; rain or just some water to drink.

This week story comes from Chiara. Chiara is currently in Berlin, Germany, not quarantined anymore but still doing her best to catch up with semi-abandoned writing projects.

May Your Dreams Come True

by Chiara De Giorgi

After being asked several times to join the “21-Day Challenge to Manifest All Sorts of Abundance and Riches in Your Otherwise Empty Life”, I finally caved.

The first week I was unable to concentrate. The guru would speak with his deep and hypnotic voice, asking that I just relax, repeat the mantra over and over in my mind, and remember to gently catch my stray thoughts. Easy, no?


My thoughts apparently didn’t want to be gently caught. They really, really wanted to stray. And the mantra… What was it supposed to be, again? Why did I have to memorize a 3-word sentence in Sanskrit, of all languages? Om Varbadamandaband… No. Om Barvadabanam… Oh, for Heaven’s sake. Om Something Something Bananarama. And what did it mean, by the way? Oh, look! A butterfly! I haven’t seen one of those in ages! Look at her wings, so colorful! Yes, right, I need colored cards for that craft project I’ve been postponing for weeks. Do I actually want to make stuff with colored cards, by the way? I think so. The problem is, I need ten different colors. Where can I find good quality colored cards in ten different colors? I wonder, though: there are seven colors in the rainbow, so what could the further three colors be? I hate brown. Maybe a dark pink. I could put it next to the violet. Or would it fit better between red and orange? I still have no idea where to find that stuff. I’ll have to check online.


Oh, wait, was that the meditation end bell?

You can now open your eyes…

Yes, it was. Great.

On Day Seven, there I was, thinking about colored cards and craft projects. How would I ever become ready to “welcome abundance in my life”?

On Day Twelve, I was asked to visualize myself on a beautiful strand of fine, white sand. Crystal clear waves were crashing on the shore, and the tiny grains of sand tickled my bare feet. I was told that at some point I would spot a bottle. I had to pick it up and find a piece of paper and a pencil inside. I had to take paper and pen out of the bottle and write down my heart’s desire, then put the paper back into the bottle and toss the bottle into the ocean.

Keeping my eyes closed, I imagined doing all that.

The guru’s voice stopped, and the meditation music began. I kept staring at the point where my bottle had sunk. Where would it go? Would anyone pick it up? What would happen next?

I heard a voice, right next to me: “I am here to give you your heart’s desire.”

“Who’s that?” I asked, startled. Who could it possibly be, entering my meditation uninvited?

And there it was: a man, a genie, a ghost… I don’t know. The voice was the guru’s, but the guy was someone else. He looked like Aladdin’s Genie meet Aquaman. He hold the bottle I had just tossed into the ocean in his hands.

“So, let’s see…” He extracted the piece of paper and read it. “Good. All you desire is a beach house. Easier done than said.”

He snapped his fingers and smiled at me, pointing at something behind my back.

I turned and saw a beautiful house surrounded by palms and flowers. White walls, large windows, wind chimes… it was all I had imagined my beach house should be!

“It is yours”, he said. Then he gently bowed and disappeared.

I was speechless. Was that how the Challenge was supposed to work? Could I have all I wished for, just listening to the guru’s instruction, reciting mantras, and meditating? So the abundance manifestation thing was real: I had evoked a Genie and he had given me a beach house.

I did a happy dance and started walking towards my beautiful house. And then… DONG! You can now open your eyes… I woke up. I had fallen asleep, and that was just a dream.

Oh, well. I still had nine days to go.

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