Shortlisted Story

I continue to receive input from beta readers of The Road to Environmental Armageddon. It’s not all in, but I think the road I must follow is getting clearer. I’ve started down that road, and it will take a while. Thanks to the diligent efforts of my beta readers, I’m confident I will end up with a much more readable novel—no major changes (at least not so far) in where it’s going, but some substantial alterations in how it gets there.

In the meantime, I’m following my advice of several months back and making more side journeys into short story writing. My latest effort, a 350-word marathon titled “Love in the Time of Covid” has been shortlisted after a call for stories on the theme of ‘Home’ on an interesting website called

Here’s a copy of the photo I attached to the story. The site strongly encourages cover pictures for the stories. Hopefully, this one entices some readers.

Public voting influences the ‘winners’ they pick from the shortlisted entries. If you want to read my entry, the link to the contest is here, and my entry, here. A vote (I think that means clicking the ‘like’ button) would be nice, but not to worry if you decline—I’ll never win these popularity contests, anyway. Some of my writing colleagues had trouble accessing a previous story I had posted on this site. There appears to be something about signing in that escapes their (and my) understanding. If you have any ideas of why they had trouble, and how it should be done, I’d love to know.

update on visitors signing in to An administrator at the site has confirmed that the only way for visitors to gain access to read stories and/or vote for them is to sign in via a google account. It’s their way to avoid anyone gaming the voting system.

One thought on “Shortlisted Story

  1. Maybe the competition isn’t too tough, but I’ve read all the shorlisted stories and many of them are very good. You should go to the site and read them (and maybe even vote for/like mine), but you need to have and use a google account to get in.


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