Addicted to Rewrites?

I appear incapable of sticking to my plan. Does that suggest addiction to tinkering with The Road to Environmental Armageddon? Or does it suggest my effort to draw a few writing colleagues into beta reading my novel was a subconscious acceptance that it just wasn’t there yet? Whatever the real reason, I’ve done nothing but work on another version of my novel for the past week. It has included a reconsideration of what material I include in the book, how I organize it, and a new cover.

I really like playing with covers. They provide me with a welcome diversion from the tedium of endless rewrites. Here’s my first try at one based on a new photo (downloaded from Unsplash, a great website that provides masses of freely available photos and other illustrations). It’s a less Apocalyptic-looking photo, one that will be more consistent with a slight change in focus for the last section of the version I’m now working on.

Making the cover was fun. Now I must return to revisions to my text.

3 thoughts on “Addicted to Rewrites?

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for the vote of confidence. I really like the photo and the text is simpler than my usual efforts and less of it. I thought it was a good try. Maybe I’ll get comments from some others to add to the confusion. At the moment it sits at the top of my preference list.

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