The Continuing Battle for Environmental Armageddon

Like Alice in Alice in Wonderland, it takes all the running I can do to stay in the same place. I spent the past week trying different beginnings for a book that tells my Environmental Armageddon story in a more dramatic way, with more conflicts, a shorter timeline, and flesh and blood antagonists. It’s not been easy.

My current restart, the second this week, begins partway through the second half of The Road to Environmental Armageddon I sent to beta readers during the past several months. This attempt would hide behind the cover I presented in last week’s blog post. It starts in 2041 and incorporates plot elements from the 2027 to 2041 period of the Road, and elements from the unpublished predecessor novella, The Souring Seas, as flashbacks, reminiscences, explanations in dialogue, etc. I also have ideas for larger-than-life villains my protagonists can joust with. The next steps, putting all this on paper, seem rather daunting, and perhaps something that exceeds my limited novel-writing capabilities. That’s my reward for sending my manuscript to people who are better writers than I. They apparently think I can do this. I guess I’ll find out… eventually.

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