Drama, Conflict, and Super Villains

Another week has flown by. Apart from a Spot Writers’ story, a little gardening, and a few errands, I spent the whole week on my more dramatic, more confrontational, more action-packed version of The Road to Environmental Armageddon. Well, it’s hardly action packed, but it has two chapters with a massive explosion, rough weather and a pending hurricane. It also has a scene with a sailboat, but that’s not so unusual for me. I’m rather partial to sailboats, having owned several over the past sixty years and sailed on many others.

Anyway, I’m twenty-five thousand words into this and wondering if I should’ve held off and started next month, submitting it to NaNoWriMo. It would have been a cheat. Some chapters are new, but others are reworked versions of chapters from earlier versions of the story.

It’s been many years since I participated in NaNoWriMo. I wrote a 65000-word draft in three weeks that year. Since then, I’ve done nothing with it. I can’t even remember what the novel was about, but the exercise was useful. It forced me to write a draft without obsessing over every paragraph.

In the new Road to Environmental Armageddon, I haven’t introduced my big antagonist yet, the one who will personify the concept that was the antagonist in my earlier versions. He’s coming in the next chapters. I should stop looking at the maple leaves turning red outside my window and introduce Mr. Stupid, the misguided environmental crusader who sucks humanity into believing they shouldn’t worry about climate change. He’ll probably be totally different by the time I’m done. He may even be she (a personification of Mother Nature?), but that’s the direction I’m going right now.

Stay tuned. By next week I may know what my super-villain looks like. Or then again, I may not.

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