This week I’ve made less progress on The Road to Environmental Armageddon than I anticipated. I added a few thousand words, and more importantly, at least for my peace of mind, I plugged several continuity holes in the chapters I’d already drafted. I also developed a mental picture of the big villain I must introduce in the next few chapters.

COVID-19 generated two interesting interruptions.

First was an initiative by the Evergreen Writers Group to do an online book launch for our latest short story anthology. It’s called Water’s Edge. I mentioned it in an earlier post with links to its Amazon pages. For anyone who missed it, here’s the cover.

We completed the two-year-long effort to produce it just as the pandemic’s first wave shut down discretionary activities. We postponed our book launch and marketing effort for a few weeks or maybe a month or two, hoping the pandemic would fade away. That didn’t happen. We’ve now endured eight months of restricted activities and a second wave is upon us.

The effort to proceed with a virtual book launch and modified marketing effort adapted to our current reality has gained steam over the past few weeks. We’ve had several meetings partly or totally targeted to this effort, and we’re gearing up for a virtual launch in November. I’m coronaphobic, so I’ve participated by zoom. Braver souls have met in person while trying to follow the social distancing rules.

My other COVID diversion is Halloween related. Local health authorities have sanctioned trick or treating by the usual hordes of little goblins and ghosts, but added advice about social distancing for timid seniors like me who want to cater to the youngsters’ sugar cravings.

Question: How do we distribute treats while observing the two-metre social distancing rule? I’m working on a candy chute, a piece of plastic downspout I can attach to our front stair railing. We can stand at the top and launch the sugary treats down the spout into the kids’ baskets and bags. It should provide the two-metre distancing and entertain the masked marauders. I’ll post a picture when I get the details ironed out.

Now, back to my manuscript. I should be able to draft another chapter today without breaking any social distancing rules.

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