‘Ghostly Chat’ by Chiara De Giorgi

Welcome to the Spot Writers. This month’s theme is “Halloween”.

This week story comes from Chiara. Chiara is currently in Berlin, Germany, not quarantined anymore but still doing her best to catch up with semi-abandoned writing projects.

Ghostly Chat

by Chiara De Giorgi

New Topic: Halloween

Beheaded Lady wrote: Hi Mommies! Are you sending your ghostlings trick-or-treating this Saturday? My little ones want to go but I am worried.

Not-Undead wrote: Why you worried? What up?

Woman in White wrote: @Not-Undead What happened to your verbs? We are mommies, we should set an example for our ghostlings. Education starts at home!

Not-Undead wrote: @Woman in White You boring, lady.

Beheaded Lady wrote: Can we please go back to the topic of this thread? Let’s discuss Halloween and @Woman in White you can open a new thread about education and grammar, if you wish.

Parisienne_1789 wrote: @Not-Undead LOL You’re funny! @Beheaded Lady do I know you from my past life?

Beheaded Lady wrote: @ Parisienne_1789 Not everyone who’s been beheaded was in Paris in 1789.

Woman in White wrote: I opened a new thread. It’s called “Know your verbs” and it’s open to your ghostlings as well. I will post educational content, so @Not-Undead you’ll have to write and spell correctly, otherwise you’ll be banned.

Not-Undead wrote: @Woman in White Me frightened, lady.

Parisienne_1789 wrote: @Not-Undead LOL

Salem’s Lot_1692: What did I miss? Sorry, my ghostlings are driving me crazy. The little one keeps dismembering and the dog almost ate his kneecap. 

Not-Undead wrote: @Salem’s Lot_1692 @Beheaded Lady worried about Halloween. Know not why. @Woman in White see, me can use verbs too LOL

Woman in White wrote: @Not-Undead you’r hopeless.

Woman in White wrote: @Not-Undead *you are

Woman in White wrote: @Salem’s Lot_1692 I opened a new thread to promote culture and education. You are welcome as long as you promise to write and spell correctly.

Salem’s Lot_1692: Sorry guys, I have to go.Male ghostling is pushing female ghostling in the drier. She’ll get all the sheets dirty. @ Beheaded Lady Why are you worried about Halloween?

Beheaded Lady wrote: Honestly, mommies, where are you living? Don’t you listen to the news? There’s a pandemic going on in the world of the living!

Parisienne_1789 wrote: @Beheaded Lady so what?Our ghostlings are not alive, after all.

Woman in White wrote: @Beheaded Lady Do you think they might catch it? Is it even possible? Oh my Hades, what if it’s possible? What if our little ones get ill? What would happen? I have to research this RIGHT NOW!

Not-Undead wrote: @Woman in White Yo, Sista! Chill! You gonna stroke.

Parisienne_1789 wrote: @Beheaded Lady I don’t think our kind can catch a living’s disease. I wouldn’t worry so much. Halloween’s once a year and our little ones deserve to have fun. Let them play with the little livings, it’s hardly ever done any harm and we’ve been celebrating this for centuries.

Salem’s Lot_1692: What did I miss? Are we doing Halloween or not? Sorry, I don’t have time to read everything, I have to bring the dog to the vet’s and hope that it didn’t chew on the little one’s phalanx too much before swallowing it. Talk to you later.

Woman in White wrote: I’m back! I learned that the living caught the disease from a bat! Can you imagine? A damned bat! A bat is historically a creature of the night, it’s related to our world, not theirs. So if they caught it, I’d say it’s reasonable to assume that we can, too. Which makes @Beheaded Lady’s fears definitely legit! @Not-Undead I can write the word “damned” here, but it won’t be allowed in the other thread. @all Don’t forget to subscribe, I have a lot to share!

Not-Undead wrote: If costumes be bat costumes, we safe!

Woman in White wrote: @Not-Undead honestly! Are you doing it just to annoy me?

Not-Undead wrote: @Woman in White do what? Me puzzled.

Beheaded Lady wrote: @Woman in White Thank you! I think your research it’s relevant and your conclusions are spot-on. Let’s all cancel Halloween and keep the ghostlings at home.

Parisienne_1789 wrote: @Beheaded Lady Excuse me! I’m not cancelling anything. I have worked on my ghostling’s costume for two weeks and he’s wearing it, end of story.

Salem’s Lot_1692: Good news! The phalanx is back in its place! The dog isn’t very happy, though, it had its stomach pumped, poor bastard. @Parisienne_1789 What’s the costume of your little one? My two are going as Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot HA HA HA

Woman in White wrote: @Parisienne_1789 You are only interested in your costume, but that’s selfish. We’re talking about everybody’s safety. If you’re sending your ghostling in the world of the living on Halloween’s night, he can’t have play dates with the others until New Year’s eve, just to be safe.  It’s your choice.

Parisienne_1789 wrote: @Woman in White I don’t think we should all do what you say. You haven’t presented us with a research or reliable information, just a hint that if bats infected the living, then the living can infect us. That’s hardly science. No one in our world has ever said a word about this disease being dangerous for us. We will celebrate and if that means no more play dates with your ghostlings, that’s your loss. @ Salem’s Lot_1692 My little one is going as the Abominable Snowman 😊

Beheaded Lady wrote: Let’s not fight. I thought that this thread could help us make a decision together, but I see that we all have different opinions. I’d rather be safe than sorry, so if any of you want to keep your ghostlings home on Halloween, you can come to my place and we’ll have a small party at home.

Not-Undead wrote: @Beheaded Lady Me likes it! You have not head, but you think nice. I’m in!


Woman in White wrote: @Beheaded Lady That’s a good idea, I and my ghostlings will be there. Thank you for appreciating my research. @Salem’s Lot_1692 you hit the “all caps” key, it’s not polite, it’s as if you were yelling at us.

Parisienne_1789 wrote: If you’re all going to @Beheaded Lady’s place I guess it will be more fun for my ghostling to go there as well and play with all his little friends. We’ll be there. Can I help with the decorations?


Woman in White wrote: Remember to subscribe to my educational thread!

Beheaded Lady wrote: I’m closing this thread now. See you on Halloween and be safe!

Salem’s Lot_1692: SEE YOU!

<this thread was closed by Beheaded Lady>


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