Water’s Edge Book Launch

This past week, I made limited progress on the Road to Environmental Armageddon–one new chapter drafted and structures for the next few laid out. I focused most of my attention on the rapidly evolving COVID crisis in our country and the impending virtual launch for the Evergreen Writers Groups third anthology.

The timing of our efforts of to publish this volume has been fraught with difficulty. We finished it in early 2020 and published it on Amazon in March as the first wave of the pandemic swept across North America. That meant no book launch, no book signings, no effort to sell the damn thing. Then in September, when we seemed to have COVID under control in our little corner of the world, we began work on a virtual launch on Facebook Live. Now, when we’re finally ready to go with our launch, a new pandemic of lockdowns is spreading from west to east across Canada.

We’re going ahead—this Thursday, at 1830 hours Atlantic Standard Time. Here is the poster we prepared for the launch.

I hoped to learn about organizing and running a virtual launch from my participation, but will unfortunately be disappointed. Unforeseen circumstances have forced us to conduct the exercise via zoom.

I hope anyone who reads this will join us Thursday evening. And, you know, you might consider buying a copy. It has lots of varied and interesting stories.

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