A Body in the Sacristy on sale on Amazon

Two weeks ago, I took part in the Evergreen Writers Group’s virtual launch of Water’s Edge, our latest anthology of short stories and poems, on Facebook Live. That experience sparked a tiny interest in promotion of my two books – A Body in the Sacristy and Tilting at Windmills.

I’m offering the e-book version of A Body in the Sacristy at a special low price of $.99 on Amazon.com from Tuesday of this week until Tuesday next. For some reason I cannot offer the book separately as a reduced price promotion on Amazon.ca. My fellow Canadians must go to Amazon.com to get the reduced price.

I wrote and published my two cozy mysteries during my decade long efforts to learn how to write and publish a novel. I’ve made no serious effort to publicize them, so, not surprisingly, I’ve sold very few.

I’ve also started thinking again about the potential benefits of an e-mail newsletter focused on my publishing efforts. Everything I read suggests it’s a good idea, but until I get my latest project, The Road to Environmental Armageddon, closer to completion, I don’t think I’ll be going down that road any time soon. For now, I’ll stick to my current plan of frequent updates on this website.

Despite ongoing disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, that project is chugging along nicely. I’m reviewing and editing novella length versions of the first two parts, The Souring Seas and A Technological Solution and diligently working on chapters for my primary focus, a novel that describes the chaos that ensues when the technological solution fails.

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