Hardly a Huge Boost

So far, with two days to go, my week-long sale of A Body in the Sacristy on Amazon.com at $0.99 has yielded single-digit sales. Less than I hoped, but an encouraging jump in the meagre sales of my two books. I made little money from a handful of sales at $0.99, but that wasn’t the point. I wanted to get a few more readers, and that I accomplished. I will try again with Tilting at Windmills, my other cozyish mystery. When I publish my next book, I will venture down this road before two years have elapsed.

My experience got me thinking about how people discover such an event. Does Amazon list books on sale somewhere, or have another mechanism for drawing attention to sale items? If it relies on my efforts, could I do more than mention it on this site and my Facebook page? Things to consider before I plan my next attack.

On my other front, my Environmental Armageddon story, I encountered a minor setback. Not really a setback, more of a pause in my never stellar progress. I learned that a colleague had an eleventh-, or was it a twelfth-hour crisis in the publication of her latest book. She had to pull it when she discovered several anachronisms. One benefit of a story set twenty to thirty years in the future is I don’t have to worry about anachronisms. But I’ve made so many iterations with changes in the time frame and my central focus characters that I had concerns about other inconsistencies. Was I plopping a character who was thoroughly described in an earlier version into this one without enough background? Was I repeating myself, belabouring certain points as I cobbled together my latest version?

This week, when I wasn’t checking book sales on Amazon.com, I reviewed the early chapters looking for these inconsistencies. I only made modest progress where the bow is cutting into fresh waters. I am making progress, plodding toward my Environmental Armageddon, or at least the latest version of it, hopefully with less need to revise the text after I am done.

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