‘Christmas Eve – What If?’ by Cathy MacKenzie

Welcome to The Spot Writers. This month, the task is to use these words: hawk, fire, coal, biscuit, king. This week’s contribution comes from Cathy MacKenzie. https://www.amazon.com/Wolves-Dont-Knock-C-MacKenzie/dp/1927529387/

Cathy’s novel, WOLVES DON’T KNOCK, a psychological drama, is available from her locally or on Amazon.

MISTER WOLFE, the darkly dark (18+) sequel, is now available: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1927529689

MY BROTHER, THE WOLF, the last of the series, is scheduled for release in 2021.


“Christmas Eve—What If?” by Cathy MacKenzie

It’s Christmas Eve,

A time to cleave

To one another,

Warm our sister and brother

From snow and ice,

Share all that’s sweet and nice.


Santa comes to every house,

Creepily quiet like a mouse

But as eagle-eyed as a hawk

Almost as if he does stalk,

And if you’re a bad soul

He’ll leave a chunk of coal.


But no matter how bad you are

He expects you to dip into the jar

To find the biggest biscuit for him,

Add a glass of milk, preferably skim,

‘Cause Santa’s fat, you know,

And it’s hard plodding through snow.


He needs to diet but it’s hard

When he eats too much lard,

If he keeps up he’ll have a harder time

Next year, might not be able to climb

Up the chimney, and if he’s stuck

A match into the logs may be struck.


What’ll happen to the man in red

And his reindeer if he’s dead?

Will the elves deliver each gift

If they catch a hideous whiff

Of dying Santa stuck in the flue?

Will they be happy or blue?


Those elves are jealous

Despite being very zealous,

Always wished their employer

Would disappear into a foyer,

Perhaps find a different spouse

To live happily in another house.


They don’t wish Santa harm

For he’s full of charismatic charm

As everyone knows,

And even if the wind blows

He’s out on his sled

Flying high overhead.


Santa thinks once a year

That he’s a king so dear,

But we all know it’s Jesus

Who selflessly freed us,

Santa is but a fun fable

And luckily we’re able


To distinguish truth from wrong

And sing a Christmas song,

So on this holy night

Let’s keep Jesus in our sight

But still believe in the red-clothed man

Who non-believers wish to ban.


Oh holy night, let us all pray

For the sun to brighten the gray,

That the world can live in peace.

Whether the USA, Greece,

Canada, or lands far away

Let’s all watch for that sleigh.


It’ll be high in the sky,

And if we laugh or cry

Let’s all make a pact,

Whether fiction or fact,

To live in harmony and love

And believe in the white dove.


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