‘The Day the Music Died’ by Phil Yeats

Welcome to The Spot Writers. This month, the task is to use these words: hawk, fire, coal, biscuit, king. This week’s contribution comes from Phil Yeats.

In December 2019, Phil (using his Alan Kemister pen name) published his most recent novel. Tilting at Windmills, the second in the Barrettsport Mysteries series of soft-boiled police detective stories set in an imaginary Nova Scotia coastal community is available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Tilting-Windmills-Barrettsport-Mysteries-Book-ebook/dp/B07L5WR948/

The Day the Music Died

Phil Yeats

He sat near the fire in the old folks’ home, nibbling a digestive biscuit as he nursed his after-dinner tea. The fire was fake, blackened lumps that reminded him of coal fires from his youth under flaming logs made of non-flammable plastic. The flames were real enough, produced by natural gas piped into the fireplace and safely ignited by a foolproof ignition system. The fire produced some heat, but the whole damn thing was a charade. Like his life had been for several years.

Something, an image in the flames or a comment someone made, transported him to his youth and his interest in rockabilly music. In the US, that meant Elvis, the King, Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, and his favourite, Buddy Holly. In Canada it meant Ronnie, the Hawk, Hawkins, and a gig he attended in Hamilton Ontario in what must have been the 1960s.

How things had changed. In those days, life was exciting, colourful, challenging, and yes, sometimes dangerous. Now everything is bland, washed out pastels seen through age-dulled eyes, tasteless food washed down with weak tea, and worrying about trivia like this fake fire while eating these damn digestive biscuits.

He swallowed the last of his after-dinner treat, struggled to his feet, and grabbed the walking frame he needed to prevent falls. He shuffled back to his room and slumped in front of his computer. He had a tale to tell, an epic adventure of fearless crusaders fighting to save the world from climate change. Best get on with it. Get it finished ‘before the music died’.

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