This week I started reading through my Souring Seas manuscript for one more time. No major reason for this additional read. I may pick up the odd mistake, or add a little local colour or a witty comment that might liven up my ponderous prose, but I’m not expecting significant changes. The real reason for this latest reread, the most recent of dozens, is my apprehension about how I get the message out when (or maybe it should be before) I bite the bullet and publish it.

I’ve been told that the key mechanism for publicizing a book is an email newsletter. In my ignorance of these social media platforms, I don’t see how that is better than this blog, but I’m considering it. I’ve also looked into sites that allow self-published authors to link promotions (StoryOrigin is one), and Facebook sites for authors. I’ve joined some, but I’m just not good at getting into the Facebook mentality.

Prowritingaid, online editing software I find useful, recommends the Inner Circle Writers Group as the best Facebook site for authors. Anyone know anything about it?

The newsletter proponents emphasize stories associated with the book being flogged as inducements—biographies of the main characters, spin offs that might suck in some readers, etc. I’m wondering about writing a postlude to my whole Environmental Armageddon extravaganza told from Tony Atherton’s perspective as he looks back in the 2050s at the mess human beings have made of our once beautiful planet. He’d be sixtyish at this point, so a good age for reminiscing. Maybe something that alludes to the trauma I’ve envisioned for the end of my saga would help sell the earlier books that work their way up to the dramatic conclusion.

The Evergreen Writers Group is going through similar soul-searching, trying to generate, during this damned pandemic, marketing ideas for Water’s Edge, our latest short story anthology. We are being featured from March 15th to 21st by the owners of The Dartmouth Book Exchange in their attempts at online promotion to support local authors and readers. We thank the Book Exchange for making this effort on our behalf.

In the meantime, I’m back to rereading The Souring Seas, or should I be working on Tony’s autobiography. If I had two brains, four hands and two computers, I could work on both at the same time. Hmm, if that works, why not four, eight and four, or eight, sixteen and eight? The possibilities are endless… I definitely need to get out more!

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