‘All the Pretty Things’ by Val Muller

Welcome to the Spot Writers. This month’s theme is “All the pretty things.” This week’s piece comes to us from Val Muller, who is challenging herself to write one poem today in celebration of NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, a convergence of novel writing month and poetry month 😊 You can read the first week’s poems at https://wp.me/p2dkaY-17S . Today’s poem is from April 7:

All the Pretty Things

By Val Muller

I am a crow

Because you always thought

That’s what I would be

Ever since you read

That crows can symbolize

Mystery, Wisdom, or Death.

And so when I came for you,

You saw me

As a crow.

Remember in childhood

You left food for me:

Berries, grains, meat;

And in exchange

I brought you shiny things,

All the pretty things

I could find:

Bottle caps, lost earrings,

Shells, bright bits of string.

You wondered at the mystery

And treasured my gifts

In a box.

You grew and moved

But heard me calling,

Cawing, through all your years,

Knew I was there,


You photographed me,

Painted me,

Wrote of me,

Of all my pretty things:

Claw, feathers, eyes,

Beak, gaze, wisdom,

As you aged into autumn,

Thinking of life lived

And wisdom bought

With time.

And now I’ve come,

Reminding you, before we leave,

Of all your pretty things:

Of love, tears,

Successes, failures,

Family, solitude, travel,

Of treasured things locked

In the box of your soul

As we take to the sky

In search of pretty things.

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