Next Step along The Road …

I’ve weaved another layer into my The Road to Environmental Armageddon saga. It’s based on the Tony’s Story posts I drafted on this website over the past weeks. In these new chapters, Tony Atherton looks back at the events chronicled in my trilogy. It features his description of the world he faces in the years after the apocalypse the world endures in 2049 and speculations about the chaos they’ve witnessed.

Book one, The Souring Seas, is virtually complete. It needs final copyediting, and maybe a few tweaks of the three chapters I’ve added. Here is the cover.

The Souring Seas focuses on two characters, Tony Atherton and Beth Manville. It describes my imagined impacts of ocean acidification on primary productivity. Book two, Building Houses of Cards, shifts the focus to an attempt by industrial leaders and world governments to implement a technological ‘cure’ for global warming. Here is my cover for book two.

The first part of this second book follows the exploits of two new characters, Dan Delacour and Elena Llewellyn, as they investigate the scientific basis of the cure and its geopolitical implications. The second part introduces additional characters. It focuses on scientific and geopolitical developments in the United States.

I’ve almost finished The Souring Seas and Building Houses of Cards. The third book in my trilogy, They All Come Tumbling Down, remains a work in progress.

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