My books

My list of published books includes A Body in the Sacristy and Tilting at Windmills, the first two books in my Barrettsport Mysteries series. I’m editing a third book in the Barrettsport series and others are in the works. My other project, one that’s currently occupying most of my time is a precautionary tale about climate change. Its working title is The Road to Environmental Armageddon.

The Barrettsport Mysteries:

A Body in the Sacristy

A Body in the Sacristy is the first of a series of soft-boiled mystery stories featuring a police detective in the fictional South Shore Nova Scotia town of Barrettsport.


A carpenter discovers a baby girl’s carefully preserved body in the Anglican Church of a small coastal community on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Who was she? Was she murdered? If so, by whom? And how did her body end up in a sealed cabinet?

In his first case, newly recruited Barrettsport police detective Simon Goodyear tackles these questions. Simon has traded his job as an undercover cop on a big city vice squad for a simpler life in a small town where he can help his friends and neighbors. As he works on the puzzle, he discovers that his new stomping ground isn’t as bucolic as he hoped.

During the investigation, the church secretary provides Simon with important lessons on the political and social structure of his new hometown. He discovers that the quirky nature of the town and its most prominent citizens are key factors leading to the mystery’s solution.

One could classify this book as a soft-boiled mystery, a locked-room whodunit without the graphic sex, violence, and tough guy hero of the hard-boiled genre. It resembles in some ways a cozy mystery with elements of police procedural. Or, one could argue it’s a traditional British mystery set in Nova Scotia (New Scotland). The focus is on a basically nice guy small-town cop interacting with the town’s unusual characters as he pursues the solution to his puzzle.

If you find that sort of story interesting, A Body in the Sacristy should appeal to you. Discover it, and subsequent Barrettsport Mysteries on Amazon. The links for are ebook and paperback; for, ebook and paperback.

Tilting at Windmills

Tilting at Windmills is the second of my Barrettsport Mysteries, a series of soft-boiled mystery stories featuring a police detective in the fictional South Shore Nova Scotia town of Barrettsport. It follows on from A Body in the Sacristy, the first book in this series, and again features Police Detective Simon Goodyear and Police Constable Diana Jackson as well as an expanding cast of characters from the quirky town of Barrettsport.


In this book, a grisly murder introduces newly-recruited detective Simon Goodyear to the less salubrious underside of Barrettsport, Nova Scotia. It sends Simon and Constable Diana Jackson on a three-month-long search for a devious manipulator who entangles much of the town in his nefarious schemes. Along the way, the town, a school teacher, and a young graphic artist draw Simon into their much more personal intrigues.

The book is currently available as both ebook and paperback on Amazon. The links for are e-book  and paperback.  For, they are e-book and paperback.

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