Welcome to my website

I have a page with static information about my endeavours as an author and another with information about the books I have published.

I am also making regular posts in a section called My Writing Journey where I document my trials and tribulations as I try to create and publish short stories and novels. From time to time, I include reviews of my colleagues new books and other nuggets of information related to my journey as a retired scientist experimenting with creating fiction.

The next section, The Spot Writers comprises pieces by a small group of writers who regularly publish flash fiction stories (and sometimes poems) for each other’s websites. We are currently a group of four and try to get one piece out each week. We usually succeed.

Building Houses of Cards

Here is a quick look at Building Houses of Cards, my latest novel. It’s book two on The Road to Environmental Armageddon, my trilogy about the hazards humanity could face if it fails to tackle the climate change problem. It was published in May 2022 and available on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, other Amazon sites, and Kobo. You can also find it at BAM! and IndieBound.

For more about Building Houses of Cards, The Souring Seas and The Road to Environmental Armageddon trilogy check out the description in My Books.

E-mail Newsletter

If you would like to participate more fully in my journey along The Road to Environmental Armageddon, you can follow my new Environmental Armageddon e-newsletter by clicking on the big blue button. It will focus on this project and my progress working my way from The Souring Seas to Houses of Cards and subsequent novels in the saga.

There’s an incentive for subscribing: a mini-autobiography by Beth Manville, one of the two main protagonists in The Souring Seas. It covers the years from her high school graduation in 2016 until she ‘meets’ Tony in the first chapter of The Souring Seas. Her life during that six year period isn’t uneventful.